Version 1.0 is out!

After much work, the first edition of The Rook’s Guide to C++ is out.  It’s been sent to the printer today, and should be here in Vermont by the end of the year!

Download it here(Link updated to reflect newer “public” version)

12 thoughts on “Version 1.0 is out!

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  3. It would be a good idea to provide a set of book source codes acceptable for e.g. OmegaT to facilitate translating the book into different languages. I’m looking forward to translate it into Russian, but PDF is unsuitable for it.

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  8. Holy cow… Of all the C++ tuts, books, ebooks, etc I’ve come across, this is the only one that kept my attention. Laid down on the couch with the PDF, and I had to finally put it down around page 40 because it was well past 12am. For once a computer book didn’t put me to sleep.

    The Rook’s Guide is where everyone should start. Even me. And I am.

    Most commonly the texts ramble on and on without giving explicit definitions of where and when or even what to do with any of the info, but Rook’s Guide could easily be considered a “how-to” manual for programming. Other “beginner” level books seem to miss the point that beginners, like me, don’t have the lingo down.

    “How do I decide which data type I need?” –> right off the bat, a header that answers a big beginner question in nearly plain English. Save maybe a couple C++ terms.

    Awesome book, Ladies and Gentlemen. Good work.

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